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By Lightmanone1984 on Sunday 31 May 2015 18:55 - Comments (14)
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*this piece is in English*

You would think EA would have learned from fiasco's in the past. Take for example the most recent one about this subject; Simcity.
How I looked forward to that game. I was so excited to learn that game was announced by EA, by the same makers nonetheless and would get the graphical upgrade it so desperately needed. And multiplayer support. Something that I myself don't need that much, but oh well, there are plenty of gamers who welcome it, so that's fine.
And then it happened *Always on Internet connection required*
Since we had more then 1 problem with that in the past, we already saw the dark clouds hanging in the sky.. There was no way this was gonna work.. Or.. maybe. You know 2014.. EA, big ass company with loads of money, I mean, they have the knowledge that many players would wanna download and play it from day one, seeing how popular the game was in the past and how many gamers wanted this game to start with.
So, there was no way they would make this a total disaster.
So you would think.

We all know how that turned out. It was such a disaster that the game itself was pretty much unplayable for the first month, and when it finally DID work the interest and excitement was pretty much gone with the bigger part of the community and it slowly died. EA tried to save it some time after that by building in offline support, which they first claimed for months that it was "impossible" to implement that.
Yeah right EA.. impossible.

By that time it was already too late.
So, you would think that because of this HUGE fiasco, EA would have learned it's lesson and be very careful in the future, cause it could cost them so much more money.



Need for Speed. 2 years no new game. I myself am a huge fan of Need For Speed, but in my opinion the last game that i enjoyed the hell out of was Need for Speed Hot Pursuit from 2010. The games that followed after that all had 1 or more things that annoyed me so much that i pretty much stopped playing pretty soon, and actually went back to that game cause i liked it way more.
But the underground series I loved more then any other game. And it seems they are making a new one.
Oh boy. I don't wanna get my hopes up, but.. seriously.. That sounds amazing.

And then EA comes with the following message:
Need For Speed requires and online (and most likely permanent (red.)) connection.

EA never learns.

Or.... will they reserve several amazon servers so offload the huge interest... It's need for speed.. People will still try it.. But i am afraid that EA is negligent again and will be like: it will be fine.. And just won't offload any server load, meaning that it will be unplayable for the first 2 weeks...

Can't you just confirm single player doesn't require an Internet connection and is just playable from day one?

I don't mind Internet connection, honestly. But at this moment there are like 3 services that have proven to handle huge server loads:

-Google services (including YouTube)

That's about it... (yes yes, there might be more, but hey, this is my blog okay :P )

EA never learns.
Maybe they will or have?

Only time will tell, but somehow I really doubt it.